Top Consumers

Top Consumers

Quickly identify the top resource consumers of all your oracle databases

What is consuming the CPU?
Which application is the most taxing?
Why are there so many IOs on my disk arrays ? …

There are so many important questions to answer in order to precisely control your costs

With BeeFlix, you can easily identify the top consumers in a few clicks

  1. Choose your time range
  2. Select your filters if needed
  3. And voilà!

You can visualize precisely the top resource consumers in terms of

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • IOs per second
  • IOs throughput
  • Network

BeeFlix lets you group the consumers by application, datacenter, provider, host, environment or any custom tag that you have defined.

You can even drill down into the databases to see the top resource consumers by service.


With this feature, identifying the top resource consumers of your oracle databases has never been so easy.
This data can also be used as a basis for rebilling applications or customers for example.

As a reminder

BeeFlix is a complete solution of continuous optimization, capacity management, workload analysis of your database resources.

Available only for oracle at the moment, BeeFlix runs on Standard and Enterprise editions and does NOT need the diagnostic and tuning packs.

BeeFlix will be extended to the most popular relational databases (MsSql, PostgreSql, Mysql) in a second time.

The BeeFlix team.

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