The Consolidation and/or Movement of Databases

The Consolidation and/or Movement of Databases

Consolidate or move some or all your oracle databases

Working on a consolidation project?
Working on decommissioning a server, or even more than one?
Want to move some of your databases to new servers?

Don’t go in blind when you can precisely control your costs. Don’t waste or undersize your infrastructure.

With BeeFlix, you can easily create your own scenario and simulate the resources usage on the target machines. 

  1. Choose the databases workflow time range to take into account
  2. Select the databases you want to move/consolidate with your own criteria (by environment, by hosts, by datacenter, by custom tags and so on…)
  3. Click the Simulate button
  4.  You can choose the target machines or let beeflix do suggestions for you!
  5. And voilà!

You can visualize precisely the resource usages on the target machines

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • IOs per second
  • IOs throughput
  • Network

And last but not least the cpu cores saving!

With this feature, your project is fully under control.

As a reminder

BeeFlix is a complete solution of continuous optimization, capacity management, workload analysis of your database resources.

Available only for oracle at the moment, BeeFlix runs on Standard and Enterprise editions and does NOT need the diagnostic and tuning packs.

BeeFlix will be extended to the most popular relational databases (MsSql, PostgreSql, Mysql) in a second time.

See below a video, where a customer wants to consolidate/move its production and qualification databases.

He wants to move to Exadata and let BeeFlix suggests him the best model (the one that reduces his cost).

The BeeFlix team.

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